Bio Effect EGF Serum Updated Review: Botox in a Bottle


I reviewed this serum back in March (here). At the time I bought a sample size of the product and haven’t used it for long. I’ve now gone through about 3 of those sample size bottles and wanted to write a quick update.

This stuff is really expensive – £125 for a 15ml bottle (half the size of a normal serum bottle!). That’s twice as expensive as an average Perricone MD serum. For that reason I continue to buy the sample size and use it only under my eyes. That said, having used it since February last year I must admit that this thing is like Botox in a bottle. When I use the serum the skin under my eyes is perfect. All the lines and little wrinkles disappear. The skin is tight and looks healthy. The serum really improves the overall appearance of my under-eye area. However, just as with actual Botox, as soon as you stop using it the results disappear. After finishing each bottle all the lines and wrinkles were back within a week.

As a result, while it’s still a great product, I don’t think I will be purchasing the full size version. I feel like, if I’m about to spend that much money I’d like to know that the product will have some long-term benefits. I’m amazed by just how strong this thing is. It’s really a revolutionary serum. It gives great results while being completely natural – I just wish the results would be permanent.



Sample size next to a 30ml bottle


Ole Henriksen Enlighten Me Skin Serum: Did It Work?


In January I wrote an initial review of the Ole Henriksen Enlighten Me Skin Tone Corrector Brightening Serum (here). I’ve been using this serum for over 3 months now and wanted to give you a quick update.

I have been using this almost each night and can honestly say it made no difference what so ever. My skin didn’t get any brighter, my skin tone isn’t more even, and my pigmentation marks are just as they were. Even though I only paid £16 for it, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. I love a good serum but it seems like some of them are just gimmicks. I would expect to see results from a product that costs £50.

This was the first Ole Henriksen product I’ve tried and possibly the last. I’m not sure if it had any long-term effects. My skin is generally in good condition but I use so many different products it’s hard to attribute it to one particular product.

On the bright side, I have two new serums which actually work and make my skin look noticeably better. I will be reviewing them soon.

Revolutionary New Anti-aging Serum: BIO EFFECT EGF Serum Review


In the movie Death Becomes Her an older husband stealing actress (Meryl Streep) and her revenge obsessed sister (Goldie Hawn) find a mysterious woman (Isabella Rossellini) who sells a miracle youth tonic, ‘a touch of magi in this world obsessed with science’. It’s a powerful potion that stops the aging process and forces it to retreat. Literally. It changes both women into young girls. And it costs them a fortune! They spend their live savings on it. Reluctant to pay at first Meryl Streep is enchanted by how her skin changes after a small sample of the serum. You can watch this memorable scene here.

Having watched this as an impressionable young girl I somehow always belied that it was true. That there was a potion out there, probably known to stars and rich and powerful, that stoped the process of aging, and gave you longer healthier life. An immortality potion. I still hope it’s out there, or will be invented very soon. When I heard about this revolutionary new BIOEFFECT serum my curiosity was piqued. Was it finally here?


What Is It?

BIOEFFECT is a serum from Iceland which helps skin cells to repair themselves. When we’re young the natural cell renewal process allows our skin to regenerate quickly. As we get old this process is significantly slower. This product claims that it can speed up the natural process by increasing the levels of proteins called cellular activators. The serum’s main ingredient is Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), a substance that occurs naturally in the skin (as for example, hyaluronic acid).

In Iceland 30% of women over 30 use this product. The company’s greenhouses are situated not far away from the Blue Lagoon. If you ever been to Iceland and love the place as much as I do, this by itself is enough to get you interested in this product. Like Inglot the company doesn’t advertise much. Still, their product spread like wildfire. Despite their price.

Why Revolutionary? What Does It Do To Your Skin?

The company that owns BIOEFFECT produces growth factors for stem cell research. They have researched using the same growth factors in cosmetics. Growth factors stimulate cell growth and cell differentiation. These chemical ingredients send ‘messages’ to your cells activating certain cell properties. For example, EGF boosts collagen production in the deep layers of the skin.

There are many companies and many products that claim to do just that. Some of them use growth hormones obtained from bacteria. Others contained a very small amount of the factors or limit their beneficial effects by mixing them with other chemical ingredients that brake down growth factors.

BioEffect is the first product to use pure growth factors from plants, namely barely. It’s a healthier, more natural and apparently cost-effective way of using growth factors in cosmetics.


I got a small sample of this from Latest in Beauty. I used this serum only around my eyes where I have some expression lines. I had it for about a month and used almost the entire bottle. Despite being over 30 I don’t have many wrinkles (good beauty routine). I did see some improvement but can’t really say it noticeably reduced my lines. Perhaps the results would be more visible if I had more wrinkles. The product certainly made the skin around my eyes thicker. In a good way. You know how sometimes, especially in the winter, the skin around your eyes looks like rice paper on a spring roll? Like it’s so think and see-through that it can easily be torn? It’s not a nice look and it makes your dark circles more noticeable. This is how my skin looked. After one month of using BIOEFFECT it looks thicker, healthier, firmer and just generally better. The serum didn’t help to with discoloration.

So that’s ~60% on lines, 100% on firmness and 0% on discoloration. Not too bad.


Unretouched photos: after 1 month of using BIOEFFECT


Unretouched photos: after 1 month of using BIOEFFECT

Too Good To Be True?

Well, kind of. This product just might be the next best thing but it’s insanely expensive. At £125 for 15ml I just cannot justify such purchase. The tiny sample from Latest in Beauty costed £8. On the photo below you can see how small the bottle is compared to a 30ml serum. And the full sized version (£125) is also only 15 ml. At the same time this bottle lasted for over a month and I did use more than I should have.

I think it’s a fantastic product if you are starting to consider botox. If you are one step away from taking your skincare routine to the next level and seeing a dermatologists or a cosmetic surgeon cause you are just not seeing any results with standard products. If you still want to try something natural before you resign yourself to botox and other toxic products, try this first. It’s a paraben-free natural product that has helped many women around the world improve the appearance of their skin.

Personally, I know I’m not at this stage yet. Sure, it would be nice to use this as a preventive treatment but at the moment it’s a bit out of my reach. Some of the reviews I read mentioned that the effects reverse once you stop using the product. I’m guessing that it’s one of these products that if you try once you will want to continue using for a long time. Still, if I see the £8 sample size again I will definitely purchase it again and continue to use it around my eyes.


Sample size of BIOEFFECT

Formula Skin Care Age Defence Serum Review

Another quick post today cause I’m on holiday in Lapland at the moment.

Formula Skin Care is a British brand sold in Marks and Spencer. It’s a mid range brand focusing on anti aging products. They have 4 anti aging lines; Age Defence for women in their 30s, Age Repair for women in their 40s, Age Replenish for women in their 50s, and Age Restore for women in their 60s.


The Age Defence Serum is a delicate serum that helps prevent the first signs of aging. It has vitamin C and white tea leaves. It’s designed to hydrate and smooth first lines and wrinkles. All Formula Skin Care products, including this one, are paraben free.


It’s a great product if you’re new to the world of serums and want to try one out. At £8.50 for 30ml, it’s really reasonably priced. I use it for my neck and chest as an alternative to an anti aging cream. The only reason I don’t use it on my face is that I use stronger products.

Overall it’s a nice little versatile product.


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Filorga Meso + Absolute Anti-aging Serum Review

This is one of my absolutely favourite nighttime anti-aging serums. I love it because it really works and at the same time it’s not too exfoliating and doesn’t dry out the skin. Personally, I consider Filorga to be one of the best brands out there. Here is why.

Filorga is a French brand that combines the best of two worlds: cosmetics and aesthetic medicine. All their products are backed up by years of extensive scientific research. Laboratories Filorga Paris are a certified manufacturer of three medical products (mesotherapy, glycolic peels and injectable dermal fillers) and they offer professional aesthetic medicine services in their beauty clinics.  They use the experience obtained in aesthetic medicine to produce high, performing top-of-the-range anti-aging products. Filorga uses the same active ingredients and techniques in medical products and its beauty products. Their expertise in natural cell renewal processes and anti-aging solutions is unparalleled. It is truly a superior type of skincare.

Meso + Serum: How it Works

Meso + serum is part of Filorga’s dermo-cosmetic range inspired by aesthetic medicine. It has three main effects: 1) it moisturises the skin, 2) it helps the skin heal, and 3) it renews and re-plumps the skin and provides long lasting anti-aging protection. The serum has four active ingredients.

First, hyaluronic acid which, as you might know, is naturally present in the body and is the main ingredient of semi-permanent dermal fillers such as Juvederm. It plumps the tissue and fills in wrinkles and fine lines. The one used by Filorga products is designed to be easily absorbed by the skin.

The second is NCTF which is normally injected during mesotherapy. It contains a blend of vitamins, amino acids, coenzymes, minerals and antioxidants.

The third active ingredient are DNA fragments which help to protect the skin against free radicals.

The fourth active ingredient is retinol which is scientifically proven to have strong anti-aging properties. It helps to stimulate cell renewal and prevents wrinkles from forming. Retinol is extremely sensitive to light and air – this means that it loses its properties when exposed to these elements. As a result products containing retinol have to be stored in airtight and light-protective containers in order to remain effective. This is one more reason why Meso + serum works well. The packaging keeps it nice and fresh and protects active ingredients from losing their beneficial properties.

Final ruling

I just finished the first bottle of this serum. I’ve been using it for the past 4 months and absolutely love it! It’s an amazing product. Filorga never falls short of my expectations and this product is no exception. The skin feels so smooth and fresh after using this product. The active ingredients gently exfoliate the skin but also moisturise it at the same time. As a result you’re not risking drying out your skin. I’ve also noticed that I didn’t have almost any blemishes while using this product. It might be due to other things as well, but I think that this serum helped to keep my skin healthy and clear.

The serum is very light and absorbs easily. It doesn’t leave the skin greasy or sticky – it has a smooth and velvet-like finish. I only used it at night but you can easily use it under makeup. It has no smell and it dermatologically tested so it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin.

It’s always hard to assess the effects of using a serum as they don’t appear overnight. I also don’t have wrinkles so it’s more of a preventive treatment. But I really liked how my skin looked and felt when I was using this product and I will definitely be repurchasing it. If you’re worried about premature aging and want to stop lines and wrinkles from appearing or deepening this is the right product for you. I would recommend it for all women over 28. In my opinion Filorga is really the best thing you can do for your skin. The only down side is that this product contains parabens. But it’s so good it kind of makes up for it.

At £54 per 30ml this serum is a bit on the pricey side. But it’s worth every penny.

TIP: If you’re planning to travel to France I would recommend buying it there. Filorga products tend to be much cheaper in France.

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