Essie – I’m Not Impressed


Back in November I bought this Essie set in TKMaxx. I was very excited as I’ve never tried Essie before. It was a pretty good deal too.

The shades are (top photo, from left to right): Russian Roulette, Head Mistress, a metallic shade without a name, Beyond Cozy, and Bobbing for Baubles.

So, I’ve tried wearing these nail polishes with different bases and top coats and THEY CHIPS after 1 day. I’m really disappointed. I love Essie’s colours and formula. The two red shades are perfect for the holiday season. And the Beyond Cozy is a lovely beige/gold polish with tiny, tiny glitter. It doesn’t seem to dry out my nails but perhaps that’s also because I don’t have it on for more than one day since it chips so quickly. One thing I have to say is they dry almost instantly, which makes applying it very easy.

I’ve heard so much about Essie but it just doesn’t work for me. Is it just me?



First Nail Stamping Attempt


 Yesterday I tried nail stamping for the first time. Clearly, it didn’t go that well but as this was my first time I hope I will get better with practice. It’s great fun to do. What do you think?


Can a £2.50 Nail Polish Be as Good as High-end Ones? Kiko Nail Polish Review.


Short answer, yes it can. However, there are some trade-offs.

Kiko is an Italian makeup brand that has been hugely successful in Italy, France, and Spain. It’s now also available in the UK.

What’s so great about them: Kiko is famous for selling good quality products at very affordable prices. They have a wide range of products: makeup, skincare, sun protection, accessories etc and they rarely exceed £15.

What’s not so great: availability. They only have 3 stores in the UK so if you don’t live in London you can only purchase Kiko products from their website.

Nail Polish



The shade I got is 376. It’s a very light, warm pink matte polish. The formula is really nice. The polish is quite opaque (I have two coats on in the pics) and almost gel-like: it’s very soft and takes a while to dry. Even when it dries completely I have an impression that it is softer than other polishes and it scratches easily. However, it’s super long lasting. I think I had it on for 7 days without it chipping away. That’s amazing given that OPI chips on me after 2,3 days. I also really like the colour. It’s very delicate and I can imagine it would work well on everyone. For £2.5 nail polish it’s outstanding.


There were some drawbacks. You can really smell the chemicals they used when you’re painting your nails. It’s a very strong smell. I was trying to blow on my nails to make them dry faster and inhaled by mistake. I literally felt dizzy afterwards and felt the chemicals in my throat. Also, when I removed the polish after 7 days my nails were really yellow. I paint my nails all the time and I’ve never seen them looking that bad. To be fair, I think I didn’t use a base coat for the first time in a while so it might not be all due to the polish. Still, it’s quite clear that despite great colour selection and fantastic performance there is a reason this polish is so affordable and it’s the quality of ingredients. I will definitely use a base coat next time to protect my nails.

I do like Kiko nail polishes and will be purchasing more shades in the future. I’m not sure if I would buy a foundation or a skincare item from them for the above reason but I think their nail polishes work really well provided you don’t forget to use a base coat.

& Other Stories GIVEAWAY (closed)


*****************GIVEAWAY CLOSED**************************************

In the previous post (here) I wrote about my new favourite store, & Other Stories, and the best body sugar scrub I’ve ever tried. I realise that there are only 7 stores in Europe and that they don’t ship to many countries so I’ve decided to do a small giveaway.

I will be giving away a Fig Fiction Sugar Body Scrub that I reviewed last week and a nail polish from the same brand in Crepon Rose. It’s a light peachy pink colour, very classic and perfect for spring. I have not tried any of their nail polishes before but I thought it would be a good product to include as you can only get it in the store. It’s not sold online.

All you need to do to enter is (you’ll need to do all 3):

1)      Follow/subscribe to my blog

2)      Like my page on facebook (use the button on the right or click here)

3)      Share any of my posts on facebook. (IMPORTANT: share my posts through my facebook page, otherwise I won’t be able to check and your entry won’t count!)

You can enter as many times as you like by sharing more than one of my posts on facebook. Each share is one entry (provided you have already liked my FB page):

So the first entry = be a subscriber, like my facebook page + share one of my posts via my facebook page

Additional/ following entries = share more posts via my facebook page (Please make sure you have already liked my facebook page and are a follower/subscriber of my blog, otherwise you’ll be disqualified).

The giveaway is open for two weeks, until Sunday 19th of May. I will ship internationally. If you’re under 18 you’ll need to ask your parents’ permission.

On the 19th of May I will choose a winner and contact them on facebook.

Good luck everyone!

Manga Nails


Here is my recreation of Cutepolish’s (here) cartoon nails design. I like it cause it looks like something out of a manga comic. One person I was talking to said they remind him of pop art. It’s not a simple nail art to recreate and as you see border isn’t as straight as I would wish it to be. I hope, with a bit of practice, next time it will look even better.

Cutepolish is my favourite nail artist. I think her designs are absolutely stunning. And most of them are quite easy to recreate.


I used:

Two coats of Max Factor Lacquer Noir. It chips and I don’t like the formula so next time I will buy another black nail polish.

Two coats of China Glaze Fifth Avenue. It’s a bit darker than the one cutepolish used.

Maybelline Winter Baby for light reflections.

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish top coat.

The Best & Worst Top Coat Review: Recent Purchases



I recently got a couple of new base and top coats and found a new favourite. I also came across what I consider to be the worst top coat I’ve ever tried. I always assumed that top coats were one of those products where it doesn’t really make any difference what you buy as they’re all more or less the same. My recent experiments suggest the opposite.

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Top Coat

I’ll start with my new favourite. I’m completely wowed by this top coat. Matte nails together with textured nails have been all the rage lately. Avon, Nubar, Nail Inc and other companies have started making matte nail polishes. Some worked well, some chipped. Then, matte top coats were introduced: top coats that transform any nail polish into a matte finish one by removing all shine from the surface of the nail. Nails Inc, OPI, Butter London, Mavala, and Essia are amongst the companies that offer a matte top coat. Not being sure if I like this look or not I decided to start with a cheaper alternative: Rimmel Pro Matte Finish Top Coat (£4.59 at Boots).

Turns out: I the effect it gives. I think it makes this colour look much more sophisticated and gives it an interesting twist. Also, it’s great to have the option to transform all your nail polish into matte ones is something that really excites me. It also allows me to play with the finish and used one polish with two different finishes at the same time.

On the photo below you can see China Glaze Dress Me Up with the Rimmel Pro Matte top coat.




Dress Me Up with the matte top coat and a couple dots of Dress Me Up without the top coat for comparison.

No 7 Stay Perfect Top Coat

I tried this top coat a couple of times and it worked fine with a mono-colour mani. It’s not an amazing product but it works OK. Yet, when I tried to use it as a top coat for a nail art mani it smudged the colours. I was really surprised as all the layers were dry. Below is a picture of my snow leopard nail art with this top coat. You can see that the layers are smudged on my pinky. I applied the Sally Hansen Double Duty top coat on other nails straight after that and it didn’t smudge. I have never seen a top coat smudge a mani before so I this is the worst top coat I’ve ever tried (£6 in Boots).


I was silly enough to delete other photos of this.

Snow Leopard Nails: Pictures and Tutorial

Animal print nails have been really popular lately. Here is my take on this trend. I went with snow leopard as I really like how the three colours look together. Also the weather outside makes me think of snow and ice and not the hot sands of Africa. There is a short picture-tutorial below for the very few of you who have not yet seen how to do animal print nails.







And here is a short tutorial:

1) Pain your nails with two coats of white polish. I’m using Maybelline Color Show in 130 Winter Baby.


2) Use a dotting tool and a light brown polish to create the central part of rosettes. I used Rimmel shade 520 At Ease.


3) Use a dotting tool and a black polish to create the external parts of rosettes. Add smaller black lines. I used Max Factor in 36 Lacquer Noir.


4) Wait for them to dry and apply a top coat.

Hope you enjoyed it 🙂

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