Bio Effect EGF Serum Updated Review: Botox in a Bottle


I reviewed this serum back in March (here). At the time I bought a sample size of the product and haven’t used it for long. I’ve now gone through about 3 of those sample size bottles and wanted to write a quick update.

This stuff is really expensive – £125 for a 15ml bottle (half the size of a normal serum bottle!). That’s twice as expensive as an average Perricone MD serum. For that reason I continue to buy the sample size and use it only under my eyes. That said, having used it since February last year I must admit that this thing is like Botox in a bottle. When I use the serum the skin under my eyes is perfect. All the lines and little wrinkles disappear. The skin is tight and looks healthy. The serum really improves the overall appearance of my under-eye area. However, just as with actual Botox, as soon as you stop using it the results disappear. After finishing each bottle all the lines and wrinkles were back within a week.

As a result, while it’s still a great product, I don’t think I will be purchasing the full size version. I feel like, if I’m about to spend that much money I’d like to know that the product will have some long-term benefits. I’m amazed by just how strong this thing is. It’s really a revolutionary serum. It gives great results while being completely natural – I just wish the results would be permanent.



Sample size next to a 30ml bottle


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  1. Ottawa Botox
    Jan 10, 2014 @ 14:30:35

    I loved to use this. My skin is dry and whenever i applied, it gives me excellent result. The most wonderful product. It makes my face extremely smooth.


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