iWhite Instant Teeth Whitening Kit

Note: this product was sent to me by the distributor.

Iwhite product

Verdict: good but not brilliant. Won’t be repurchasing as there are more attractive and less expensive options available

I used Crest Whitestrips in the past and while it’s a great product and it worked very well, it’s a bit difficult to find in the UK. So I was very excited to hear about a new whitening product that is available at Boots across the UK.

iWhite is a professional teeth whitening kit for instant results: it’s safe even for sensitive teeth, removes stains and whitens teeth to up to 8 shades whiter. It comes with 10 read-to-use trays that you can use for both lower and upper teeth and it whitens both the front and the back of teeth. I used all 10 trays.

Here is what I liked about the product:

• First of all, it is safe and I didn’t experience any pain or sensitivity. I heard this tends to happen with Crest Strips. iWhite didn’t irritate my teeth, gums or tongue.

• It did whiten my teeth, although not as much as I hoped it would.

• I like the fact that I can buy this product at Boots. It costs £29.95 in Boots (currently on offer for £19.96) and for £24.99 on beautybay.com. The problem with Crest Whitestrips is that you need to import them from the US or buy on eBay, especially if you’re after the version for sensitive teeth.

• It’s quick to use. You put the trays in and leave them for 20min. Each tray is vacuum-packed and easy to open.

What I didn’t like:

• I was surprised by the fact that it didn’t whiten my teeth more. I suppose I would work better if I used more than one package but that works out a bit expensive. I took a ‘before’ photo and was going to take an ‘after’ photo as well but the camera didn’t pick up the difference in shades. • I don’t like the packaging. It’s really messy. I’m not a fan of trays in general and prefer strips. With iwhite the product spills from the trays before you open them. You need to use a toothpick or something else to distribute the product evenly in the tray. In addition, a lot of the product stays in the packaging and not on the tray. I think the manufacturer should really come up with a better of preparing the trays. That was my least favourite thing about the kit.

• The box is half empty – only half of the box contains trays. I hate when companies do this: make the packaging twice as big to trick you into believing that you’re getting more for your money than you really are. It’s a cheap trick and so old it’s almost embarrassing for companies to use it nowadays.


You can see the product spilling out if the tray


Overall, it’s a nice product. I feel it’s a bit too expensive for what it does. I didn’t feel it whitened my teeth as well as Crest Whitestrips and it’s about the same price. Perhaps if it was less expensive it would be a more attractive option. However, I really like the fact that it’s so easily available. The product does work and if you can’t be asked to look for Crest strip it might be the right choice for you.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. rhane
    Nov 09, 2013 @ 04:57:04

    I Want to try this. how much is this?


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