DHC Mascara Review and Comparison. You have to try it!


They say you find love when you’re not looking for it. It may be true. I certainly wasn’t looking for the perfect mascara two weeks ago at Harvey Nichols’ Beauty Bazaar. I was just browsing and enjoying one of my favourite beauty stores… I started chatting with one of the ladies there and we discovered we both love DHC, a great Japanese brand. She recommended their mascara which I have never tired before. She said it’s ‘the one’. She was right. It’s the one I’ve been looking for. It’s called Perfect Pro Double Protection. It’s a lengthening and defining mascara but you can use it in a number of ways.

Super Long-wear Formula, Doesn’t Flake, Doesn’t Smudge!



The amazing DHC mascara and Clinique High Impact: the one I used to love. DHC is better, hands down

The DHC website says that the formula “encapsulates lashes in polymer tubes that wear all day and night long”. This is actually true: this mascara wears like a dream. It doesn’t smudge even after 13h day (I’ve been having a lot of those lately). The lashes look great but at the same time they are flexible and not stiff like with many other types of mascara. The product lengthens your lashes and defines them giving you a very natural full lash effect. If you want a super false lash effect for a big night out, I would recommend using a volumising mascara and then using this one on top. The DHC mascara will cover your lashes with a protective layer that will prevent and flaking. Personally, I wear it on its own every single day.

So easy to apply compared with other mascaras, even my favourite Clinique High Impact.


I recently bought a new tube of Clinique High Impact mascara. I used to love it but I do find it difficult to apply. With the Clinique mascara there is so much product on the wand when I take it out of the tube! I end up wasting most of the product as I always need to clean the brush to remove excess product. The super big brush makes the Clinique mascara really difficult to apply. I usually end up messing up my eye makeup. The DHC mascara tube dispenses just the right amount of product. It’s also so easy to apply thanks to the amazing wand I describe below. It’s just perfect in the morning when you’re in a hurry and don’t have much time to do your make up. All I can say is: try it and feel the difference!

The best wand ever! Use it on your top and bottom lashes.


Smaller is better. DHC on top, Clinique High Impact on the bottom


So much excess product on the Clinique wand on the left – none on the DHC wand on the right


My favourite thing about this mascara is the wand. It’s so small and precise. As a result it’s easy to get all your lashes with it, even the ones in the corner of your eye that are so difficult to apply mascara to. You can also use this brush for both top and bottom lashes. It’s the only mascara I ever used that can do that.

I know a lot of people like Clinique bottom lash mascara. I tried it and think it clumps. Imagine you could have a mascara that not only works perfectly on your bottom lashes but you can also use it to make your top lashes look super long and defined… and all this for just a couple of pounds more than the Clinique mascara. Clinique Bottom Lash mascara costs £11 for 0.07 oz. DHC Perfect Pro Mascara costs £14.50 for 0.17 oz!

I can’t recommend this enough. It really is an amazing product and probably one of the most amazing mascaras I’ve ever used. You will be surprised to find out just how many lashes you have and how few of them your normal mascara covers!

If you don’t live in London you can always order it online here. Also I would strongly recommend DHC Cleansing Oil and their Eyelash Serum.


9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kareen
    Jun 01, 2013 @ 16:30:02

    I really like how well your photos showcase this product! I’m currently using this Sephora mascara right now. It’s awful! It smudges and there’s so much gunk on the wand when I take it out, and it ends up being really messy to apply. Checking the DHC mascara link now 🙂


    • youngforgood
      Jun 01, 2013 @ 22:35:05

      Thank you! I hope you’ll love it as much as I do. I will be honest, it doesn’t make your lashes thicker or doesn’t give volume. But it lengthens them and defines perfectly.


  2. Carina
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 06:36:47

    Thanks for the rec!


  3. marijadebono
    Jun 03, 2013 @ 06:14:56

    wow that looks great!

    Marija from


  4. beccawills
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 23:55:53

    I love this entry! My favourite beauty product is mascara, and I will definitely be looking into this!!


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