Can a £2.50 Nail Polish Be as Good as High-end Ones? Kiko Nail Polish Review.


Short answer, yes it can. However, there are some trade-offs.

Kiko is an Italian makeup brand that has been hugely successful in Italy, France, and Spain. It’s now also available in the UK.

What’s so great about them: Kiko is famous for selling good quality products at very affordable prices. They have a wide range of products: makeup, skincare, sun protection, accessories etc and they rarely exceed £15.

What’s not so great: availability. They only have 3 stores in the UK so if you don’t live in London you can only purchase Kiko products from their website.

Nail Polish



The shade I got is 376. It’s a very light, warm pink matte polish. The formula is really nice. The polish is quite opaque (I have two coats on in the pics) and almost gel-like: it’s very soft and takes a while to dry. Even when it dries completely I have an impression that it is softer than other polishes and it scratches easily. However, it’s super long lasting. I think I had it on for 7 days without it chipping away. That’s amazing given that OPI chips on me after 2,3 days. I also really like the colour. It’s very delicate and I can imagine it would work well on everyone. For £2.5 nail polish it’s outstanding.


There were some drawbacks. You can really smell the chemicals they used when you’re painting your nails. It’s a very strong smell. I was trying to blow on my nails to make them dry faster and inhaled by mistake. I literally felt dizzy afterwards and felt the chemicals in my throat. Also, when I removed the polish after 7 days my nails were really yellow. I paint my nails all the time and I’ve never seen them looking that bad. To be fair, I think I didn’t use a base coat for the first time in a while so it might not be all due to the polish. Still, it’s quite clear that despite great colour selection and fantastic performance there is a reason this polish is so affordable and it’s the quality of ingredients. I will definitely use a base coat next time to protect my nails.

I do like Kiko nail polishes and will be purchasing more shades in the future. I’m not sure if I would buy a foundation or a skincare item from them for the above reason but I think their nail polishes work really well provided you don’t forget to use a base coat.


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  1. Brijit Elouise
    May 26, 2013 @ 06:40:15

    Ohh, I love Kiko ! So glad my UK friends can discover them, too, now. It’s true that they aren’t *that* great quality through and through, but I find the great pigmentation in the formula makes them good for nail art… Don’t forget the base coat though 😉


  2. anonymousmallu
    May 30, 2013 @ 19:10:46

    You have been tagged 🙂


  3. cherryliciousblog
    Jun 16, 2013 @ 18:31:37

    I love Kiko! I found this really interesting. And thank you for stopping by our blog 🙂


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