Perricone MD Anti-Ageing Protective Trio Haul/First Review


Perricone MD… one of the most amazing, premium brands of all time. In my review of their younger, more affordable brand SUPER (here) I wrote that I’ve always wanted to try Perricone MD products. And now, I finally have :).



Anti-Ageing Protective Trio

Perricone MD is a premium brand, however even more so here in the UK. The prices on Perricone MD’s US and UK online stores are more or less the same. Given the exchange rate Perricone MD in the UK (possibly Europe in general) is significantly more expensive. So although I had my eye on some of their products for a while I’ve always ended up buying something else instead. This trio is worth £130 and looked like a great way to try a selection of products from the brand. So I was very excited when I found it on reduced to £45.

The set has three anti-aging products. Each from a different line.

Hypoallergenic Peptide Complex (30 ml – full size): it’s an anti-aging serum for sensitive skin. It ‘improves resilience, tone, and texture while minimizing wrinkles’.

Face Finishing Moisturiser (30 ml – full size 60ml): moisturising anti-aging cream. It reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles and improves radiance.

High Potency Eye Lift (5 ml – full size 15ml): and eye cream that lifts, brightens, tones and tightens the eye area.

I’m happy with these products. I’ve been using them for a week and a half now. I use them twice a day apart from the moisturiser which I only use at night as it is too heavy and moisturising to wear under makeup (for my oily skin). Almost immediately I have noticed that my skin was much smoother and softer. It feels like baby skin. So far I haven’t noticed any improvements in terms of texture or firmness but it has only been a week. I will do a more in depth review after I finish using all three products. I’m curious to see if the serum is as effective as Filorga’s Messo + !

All Perricone MD products are non-comedogenic, free of fragrance, parabens, phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, petroleum, and synthetic dyes.

Eye Cream. Thank you Perricone MD

So one of the products I purchased from salonskincare was a 5 ml tube of the High Potency Eye Lift cream. When I opened it I realised something wasn’t right. The cream must have gone bad and separated even though it was not past its expiration date. What came out of the tube was basically water: a very runny liquid with bits of white substance.


I complained to salonskincare and they forwarded my complaint to Perricone MD who agreed to send me a replacement product. However, to my surprise and delight they sent me a full size 15 ml product instead of the 5 ml travel size. I thought that was a lovely gesture and am really happy with their customer care.



Molecule 01 Fragrance Review: the Magic of Pheromones


I don’t have a lot of perfume. I have two or three favourite scents, a bunch of samples and that’s it. I rarely buy new perfume. Last week I went to Liberty to smell a perfume that I’ve been hearing a lot about: Molecule 01.

This is a CULT product. In just one day, one of the 3 sales advisors at Liberty’s perfume department sold over 30 bottles of this scent. It sells like hotcakes! It’s in every newspaper, every blog and on every beauty editor’s picks list. And now I can see why.


Why is it a cult product?

First of all, the scent is based on one main ingredient and is designed to work with pheromones in your skin. It sinks in and then resurfaces after about 15 min as your own personal scent. The key is to leave it for a couple of minutes to ‘kick in’. It’s a unisex scent made by a company called Escentric Molecule. It’s incredibly long lasting: I’ve never worn perfume that lasted all day before. It’s also not that expensive. I paid £27 for 30ml. Escentric Molecule have other scents based on the same main principle but have a fragrance of their own: it’s a light scent that according to the sales advisor at Liberty ‘guides the pheromones in the right direction’. However I prefer the original version.

 The way it works is that because it enhances your natural pheromones you rarely smell it on yourself (although I can smell it on myself which is how I know it’s so long lasting). It’s all about how others react to your pheromones. So when I sprayed it on one of those tester pieces of paper in the store it didn’t have any scent. On me however it smells great: my friend described the scent on me as very woody and spicy but also fruity.

What’s so great about it?

Well, mainly the fact that even though it seems like every woman in London owns this scent, it smells different on everyone. When I was at Liberty I was talking to another girl who just bought a bottle. I smelled her wrist and she smelled mine (nothing weird about it, just two girls trying to justify a purchase 🙂 ). The same perfume smelled different on her. It was similar, but different. How cool is that?!

Why do I love it?

It’s a bespoke scent. Need I say more?

I always wanted to have my own personal, signature scent. For years Flower by Kenzo was my signature scent. Then, more recently, I’ve been loving Gucci by Gucci. I still love both of them but now I can see a difference between all my other perfumes and Molecule 01. Wearing perfumes is like stepping into a cloud of scent. But it’s artificial: it’s not your scent but a designed chemical fragrance.  Wearing Molecule 01 feels more natural. It’s like a perfume equivalent of makeup that enhances your natural beauty. It brings out your inner self, your own pheromones and character. I just love this idea.

After all, perfumes are all about your image, how you want to see yourself and how you want others to see you. If wearing a great scent can help you feel more confident just think how wearing a bespoke scent that’s based on your pheromones can make you feel?

I do love how Molecule 01 smells on me. I love that it lasts all day and it has become my favourite perfume in less than a week.

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Perricone MD trio review

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Manga Nails


Here is my recreation of Cutepolish’s (here) cartoon nails design. I like it cause it looks like something out of a manga comic. One person I was talking to said they remind him of pop art. It’s not a simple nail art to recreate and as you see border isn’t as straight as I would wish it to be. I hope, with a bit of practice, next time it will look even better.

Cutepolish is my favourite nail artist. I think her designs are absolutely stunning. And most of them are quite easy to recreate.


I used:

Two coats of Max Factor Lacquer Noir. It chips and I don’t like the formula so next time I will buy another black nail polish.

Two coats of China Glaze Fifth Avenue. It’s a bit darker than the one cutepolish used.

Maybelline Winter Baby for light reflections.

Rimmel Pro Matte Finish top coat.

Moving Flats: Empties and Fails


I’ve recently moved flats and as a result had to go through my bathroom cupboard and pack everything. I found some old products that I bought a while back and didn’t use up. I also threw away some empty products that I liked. So I thought I’d quickly run through some of them here:





Vo5 Heat Protect Styling Spray

It’s an OK heat protecting spray. It works well but there is nothing special about it: just an average product. I didn’t really see any difference between this and any other heat protecting spray I used in the past. I won’t be repurchasing it as I’m currently loving KMS Quick Blow Dry. I have also stopped using straightening iron after every wash as it damages my hair. Instead I’ve been blow drying my hair using my Big Hair or a large round brush.

Frizz-ease Firm Hold Hairspray

This product claims to de-frizz while protecting your hair style. I do like it and have repurchased it since. I have never used a high-end hair spray so don’t know how it compares. But this is a good, basic hair spray.

Dual Senses Pure Repair 60sec Treatment

It’s a paraben free hair mask for stressed or damaged hair. It worked well as a daily conditioner but nothing out of the ordinary. It’s the kind of product you easily forget. It costs only about £6 so it’s good value for an everyday paraben-free conditioner. I might repurchase it at some point in the future.

Byron Replenish Shampoo

It’s an organic, natural product by a Beverly Hills based hair salon/brand. It has heat-activated ingredients that protect and replenish hair during heat styling. It smells lovely and I really liked it. It’s a bit on the expensive side and it’s not easily available in Europe. I got it at Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar but I’ve never actually seen it in any of the online beauty stores. I might repurchase it next time I’m at Harvey Nichols.

Batiste Dry Shampoo Original

To be honest I don’t see why it’s a cult product. I’ve heard so much about it but again, it’s just another dry shampoo. It’s good but nothing special. With that much hype around this product I think I was expecting a bit more. I might repurchase it if I can’t find anything better.



Macadamia Natural Oil Moisturising Rinse

I wrote about this product when I did a review of the Deep Repair Mask from the same line. I bought this conditioner along with Macadamia Moisturising Shampoo a while back. I didn’t like this product. It made my hair feel oily and coarse. It actually felt ‘stiffer’ and ‘harder’ than before using the product. From what I’ve seen Macadamia products are very uneven. The Deep Repair Mask and the oil are amazing. Everything else: not so much. Even though it’s paraben and sulphate- free I won’t be repurchasing.

MOP C-system C-straight Smoothing Shine Lotion

This product claims to help maintain a straight hair style. It’s a leave-in straightening lotion that you apply on damp hair. In my opinion, it doesn’t really do anything apart from weighting your hair down and making it look greasy. It’s paraben free and organic but I won’t be repurchasing. Luckily, as you can see on the photo above, I got this at TK Maxx which means I didn’t pay much for it. I’ve tried a couple of other MOP products and I was not impressed. None of them really stood out to me so I will be steering clear of this brand in the future.

50% off Bio Effect EGF Serum Sample (UK only)


Latest in Beauty (here) is offering 50% off Bio Effect serum sample for one day only. It’s a small 3ml sample but with this product a little goes a long way. The previous sample I got lasted me for about 2 months. You’ll need to pay ~£2.50 for delivery as well.

I reviewed the serum here and if you live in the UK and haven’t tried this yet, now might be a good time :). Code bio50.

Honey for Beauty: an Amazing New Natural Brand.


An all natural anti-aging product that actually works and costs less than £10? Sounds too good to be true? Not necessarily.

Back in March I went to a beauty bloggers meet up in London where I met the lovely Monica: a creator and owner of Honey for Beauty, a new natural British brand (website here). She gave me three of her products to test and review. I’ve been using them for over a month and wanted to let you know what I thought of them.


First of all, they come in super cute packaging. It has this old apothecary feel to it: glass jars, old-fashioned labels with ribbons, and rose petals in the boxes. Very stylish. You also get the feeling that these products are home-made. In the best possible sense: they are not manufactured but created with love and care. All ingredients are listed on the labels. There are no nasty chemicals or preservatives. The only chemical ingredient is Polysorbate 80 (emulsifier in the facial cleanser): an ingredient that is considered safe enough to be used in the food industry.

I tried three out of the four products currently on their website (I’m dying to try the fourth one as it looks divine). Here is what I thought of them:




All Natural Rejuvenating Serum with Royal Jelly and Jasmine Oil (£8.99)

Description: It’s an anti-aging serum with royal jelly ‘one of nature’s most nourishing and healing substances’. It has vitamin E oil, avocado oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, hazelnut oil, royal jelly, jasmine essential oil, and rosewood oil.

Review: It’s an interesting product. On one hand, it smells horribly. I have to breathe through my mouth when I apply it (luckily, the scent doesn’t linger). On the other hand, the horrible scent is more than offset by the fact that this serum really works! I use it at night with a cream from the same line (below) and when I wake up in the morning my skin is noticeably brighter and more radiant. It looks healthy and the pores are less visible. Basically, every time I used this combination of products I have a good skin day. It’s an effective, all natural anti-aging serum for less than £10! So who cares if it smells a bit weird.


All Natural Moisturiser with Honey, Royal Jelly and Champagne (£8.99).

Description: It’s an anti-aging cream with anti-oxidants, vitamins, and enzymes. It helps to reduce wrinkles, detoxify the skin and tighten pores.

Review: This product, on the other hand, smells lovely. I’m guessing it’s the champagne. It’s a light but moisturising cream, not too greasy and absorbs really quickly. I noticed that it leaves a bit of white residue on my face but this disappears quickly. As I mentioned above, I’ve only ever used this product with the serum and the results were amazing. My pores were less noticable and my skin looked well-rested.


All Natural Oil Cleanser with Propolis and Melissa Oil (£6.99)

Description: It’s a facial cleansing oil with grape seed oil, melissa oil, and lavender oil. It contains propolis which not only helps to clear acne but also enhances collagen and elastin formation.

Review: I think this might be a fantastic product for people with dry skin. Personally, I found it really difficult to use and passed it on to another blogger. It left my skin oily. I mean REALLY oily: the kind of oily that leaves your hands greasy for hours, no matter how much you rinse. It also didn’t lather much and didn’t remove make up. It just wasn’t for me.

Final Ruling

Overall, I would strongly recommend the first two products, especially in a combo. I’m not convinced by the third product but if you’ve got dry skin give it a try.

I love natural products and am always looking to try new natural brands. However, finding a natural product that visibly helps to reduce the signs of aging is really difficult. Sure, there is Perricone MD, NuBo and so on but these products cost £100 on average, not £10. That’s why I think that Honey for Beauty is an incredible new brand and one to watch. I was really surprised but it actually works. Sure, I don’t like all of the products but to be honest that’s the case with most of the brands. And sure, the cleanser might be too oily for oily skin and the serum might smell horribly but the bottom line is: it’s effective and it’s really affordable. Most of all, it’s created by a lovely, positive person and not a faceless corporation and that, for me, matters a lot.

Moving…packing… unpacking…


My weekend in a nutshell.

After a week of packing and cleaning I finally moved today. Yey! My new flat is lovely although at the moment it’s full of boxes and suitcases. My things are all over the place and I can’t find anything. Still, I have a bottle of red wine, raspberries and some nice music which makes unpacking a bit nicer.

I won’t be able to do a proper post today. Sorry about that. But here’s what’s coming up, starting (hopefully) tomorrow:

Honey For Beauty. A New British Brand.

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Perricone MD: My Dream Brand & My First Purchase

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