Inglot: the Man, the Brand, an Obituary. A Remarkable Story!


Curtesey of Inglot

Inglot is a cosmetic giant and a rare example of how a small firm with a vision can become a global phenomenon.

Inglot makeup stands for professional, high quality products at reasonable prices. The brand which originated in Poland and still produces most of its products there expanded rapidly across the globe. In 2006 the first store outside Poland was opened in Canada. Today, in 2013, Inglot has about 400 stores in 50 countries. Reviewers, makeup artists, and customers worldwide rave about their products. Inglot’s booths are one of the most popular places during LA and London IMATS and the company’s logo can be seen on a billboard in Times Square, NY, where one of their stores is located. It’s a remarkable achievement for a brand that only 20 years ago was known for selling cheap, powdery eyeshadow trios in Polish supermarkets. What’s even more remarkable is that the company achieved this without a strong marketing campaign: in fact, without almost any marketing effort. The founder, Wojciech Inglot, believed that the quality of products speaks for itself and was against spending a high percentage of company’s budget on marketing.

Inglot eyeshadows are amazing. A number of famous youtube beauty gurus compared Inglot eyeshadows to MAC and other top brands. Some of them consider Inglot eyeshadows to be the best on the market. They are truly great: pigmented, in a wide array of shades, and long-lasting. The second most well know Inglot product is O2M, a breathable nail polish. This fairly new product allows nails to ‘breath’ underneath the polish which helps to keep them in good condition. The formula has less harmful chemical ingredients, prevents nail damage, and is generally more eco-friendly. Inglot’s breathable nail polishes became famous last year when Islamic lawmakers decided that it’s permissible for Muslim women to wear them. Traditional nail polishes are not acceptable for religious reasons as they interfere with Muslim daily cleansing rituals. Way to make some noise Mr Ingot!


Wojciech Inglot founded the company in 1983 in a small Polish town, Przemysl. He was a chemist and the company started out as a chemical manufacturing company. Even when Inglot became an international success Mr Inglot shied away from the press and preferred to stay in Przemysl and work on new products. In 2013, all Inglot products are produced in the EU and 95% of them still in Przemysl, Poland. I find this to be a tremendously inspiring story. In today’s increasingly globalised economy, stories like this prove that talent and dedication is all you need to achieve an international success. While huge conglomerates like P&G spend millions of dollars on marketing and advertising, a small independent company with a strong vision and high quality products can enter a highly competitive cosmetic industry and make a name for itself in less than three decades. All this while refusing to play by the rules and sticking to its beliefs.

I was sad to hear Mr Inglot passed away last week at age 57 in Przemys and I hope the company will continue to grow.


The Products 


My Inglot Pallet







Lipstick in 408


Inglot Lipstick in 408

Couple of years ago Inglot introduced the freedom system which is similar to MAC’s pallets (and Z-pallets) and depotted products whereby you can build your own palette. I have a palette, 5 eyeshadows, a blush, a brow powder, and a lipstick.


Inglot pallets are magnetic palkets that fit a number of eyeshadows, blushes, etc. Personally, I prefer Inglot’s pallets to MAC ones as they have a full sized mirror inside. The magnet inside the pallet is also stronger which prevents products from falling out.

Eyeshadows (461, 393, 423, 154, 399)

Inglot eyeshadows come in different finishes: pearl, shine, double effect (shadow plus glitter) and matte. The formula is different in each type. Apart from shade 461 (double effect) they are all nicely pigmented. One of my favourite Inglot shadow comes from 2012 Noble Collection, a beautiful collection inspired by precious metals and marble. It’s no 154 and it has a very soft, creamy, velvet formula. You can see on the photos that it has a beautiful shiny finish.

Blush (99)

I don’t really use this blush cause the shade I picked up doesn’t work for me. But the formula is great: it’s pigmented and blends easily. It’s also very creamy.

Brow Powder (560)

What I love about this brow powder is that it doesn’t have any red undertones in it. It’s quite hard to find a medium dark brown brow product with a cool undertone and this one works great for me.


I got one of Inglot’s matte lipsticks in an uber-red colour for a friend’s red- themed Christmas party couple of months ago. I don’t often wear lipsticks but I love this product for two reasons. One, it’s really long-lasting! The sales girl explained that the matte shades are the most long-lasting. Second, I love the packaging. It’s a sleek, metal packaging with a magnetic lid. Very elegant.

Final Ruling

Overall, I’ve never been disappointed by an Inglot product. I haven’t tried as many of them as I would like purely because there aren’t many Inglot stores where I live. That said, I intend to try more in the future. I think Inglot products are just as good if not better than MAC and they cost half the price. If you haven’t tried them before I would encourage you to give Inglot eyeshadows a try. You might be surprised by what a chemist from Poland can do.

Inglots pallets are £4-6 and eyeshadows £4.50. Unfortunately their online store charges £6 for delivery but there is an Inglot store at Westfield London.


8 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. The Posh Blog
    Mar 02, 2013 @ 17:47:51

    Love this! I haven’t researched this brand. Thank you! xoxo


  2. Kareen
    Mar 03, 2013 @ 21:05:09

    Hey, great story! So you know… I want to open my own beauty shop someday. So I find Inglot’s story really inspiring. I wish it was always the case that products sells because “the quality speaks for itself.” But the fact is, the majority of products today sell because of these giant companies throwing millions of dollars into marketing. This is the first time I’ve heard of this brand too. I have never seen this anywhere. But I like brands that become known via word of mouth. That’s a more reliable indicator about its quality. On another note, I would like to understand how nail polish can “interfere with Muslim daily cleansing rituals.” Also, you seem to be a reliable guide on choosing nail polish. My nails are so weak! I feel like nail polish makes them more brittle. So do you have some suggestions for nail polish that won’t ruin my already very weak nails?


    • youngforgood
      Mar 09, 2013 @ 03:19:19

      Hi, good luck with this. You can read a bit more about this company and him as an inspiration for your store and business plan. He believed in choosing prime locations and advertising through the word of mouth. Anyhow, Inglot is quite big in the US. Youtubers such as MakeupByTiffanyD, NikkiPhillippi, Amarixe and sayanythingbr00ke all said that Inglot eyeshadows are one of the best. Anyway, I hope to one day visit your famous shop in Paris 😀 !

      Muslims need to cleanse themselves for religious purposes 3 times a day before prayers. According to their laws to be really ‘cleansed’ water needs to be able to fall on their arms and hands and also nails. It technically can’t cleanse their nails if they are wearing nail polish… With the breathable nail polish water and air can go through it. It’s a technicality but Islam is a religion that doesn’t evolve or doesn’t adapt their laws so there you go.

      As for your nails, I don’t think it matters what nail polish you use. What will make a difference is 1) a good nourishing nail polish base/ treatment, I’m actually using one by Inglot at the moment, and 2) a good nail polish remover, Bourjois Dissolvant Mitaculeux is really good and helps to protect the nails. I think if you go with this it should work.


  3. mesmerisingmoonlight
    Mar 04, 2013 @ 08:41:00

    Reblogged this on mesmerisingmoonlight.


  4. Fetesha Downs
    Mar 09, 2013 @ 19:49:20

    It’s nice to see a review for Inglot. Their next on my list to order from. Very cool, indeed!


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