Avon Super Shock Max Mascara: Great Alternative to High-end Brands

Avon Supershock Mascara

Avon Super Shock Max: before and after

Avon Supershock Max

Mascaras… a good one can make a huge difference. A bad one smudges and glues your eyelashes together giving you the dreaded ‘spider legs’ look. It’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to make up.

I have to say I’m very picky when it comes to mascaras. I like the ones that separate eyelashes and lengthen them without clumping. My lashes are really long and thick so I don’t need too much extra volume. Clinique High Impact mascara is one of my favourite. From the drugstore brands I really like the L’Oreal Telescopic (the original one not the Telescopic False Lash Effect one).

Most experts suggest that you should throw away mascara after 4 months. This is due to the oxygen that gets inside each time you take out the wand. I also heard that you should throw it away when it stops making a popping sound when you open it. So I prefer not to spend too much on mascara.

I tried five Avon mascaras and really liked the Super Shock and the Super Shock Max. I got the Supers Shock Max which is the waterproof version of Super Shock and has a slightly different wand.


No mascara


Avon Supershock Max


No mascara


Avon Supershock Max

I really like it because it defines the lashes and separates them nicely. The brush is way too big for my taste and it can be a bit tricky to use, especially in the corners. However, the non-waterproof one is much better. Still, the final effect is good and comparable to L’Oreal or Clinique mascaras.


Avon Supershock Max wand

Best thing about this mascara? It’s price.

While L’Oreal mascaras retails at £10 on average and Clinique High Impact at £16 and, you can buy Avon mascaras for £4. Not too bad. I found contacting an Avon consultant in the UK a bit complicated but once you found one ordering products is nice and easy. You can also buy it online but you have to pay £3.50 delivery charge on all orders below £20.


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Mirifique Beauty
    Feb 15, 2013 @ 23:21:15

    That’s a great mascara


  2. Holly B
    Feb 17, 2013 @ 00:08:07

    Looks like it works great!!


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