Korres Wild Rose 24-Hour Moisturising & Brightening Cream Review


Korres is a well known, natural, paraben-free brand from Athens, Greece. I’ve mentioned their tinted lip butter on a number of occasions.

This product is an excellent moisturising facial cream that revives the complexion. It has wild rose oil which is a good source of vitamin C, willow bark extract, aloe leaf juice, jojoba seed oil, and imperata cylindrica root extract. This last ingredient is a type of grass that has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. It hydrates the skin and helps it retain moisture. Korres products, this one included, are free from parabens, sulphates, synthetic dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs, and triclosan. It’s also perfect for sensitive skin types and has SPF 6.

I’ve got two versions of this cream:

1)  for oily to combination skin,

2)  and for normal to dry skin


The first one is perfect for my oily skin. It moisturises well and is great under makeup. I have been using it every morning for the past 3 months. It’s a very light, gel-like moisturiser. It leaves a matte finish and absorbs well. I have to say, I haven’t noticed any long-term brightening effects in terms of reducing skin discolorations (dark spots, pigmentation, acne scars). But I do feel that it makes my tired winter skin look well-rested and brightened.

I received a small sample of the one for normal to dry skin over Christmas and kept it for my recent trip to the Arctic. This version is normally a bit too heavy for my skin type. However, in the freezing cold winds high above the Arctic Circle this cream worked really well and helped to protect my skin from the harsh climate. I was really impressed.

Overall, I really like this moisturiser. It smells nice and the packaging is really nice too. You can buy it for £19 from a number of stores or online, for example from ASOS or Amazon.

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Formula Skin Care Age Defence Serum Review

Another quick post today cause I’m on holiday in Lapland at the moment.

Formula Skin Care is a British brand sold in Marks and Spencer. It’s a mid range brand focusing on anti aging products. They have 4 anti aging lines; Age Defence for women in their 30s, Age Repair for women in their 40s, Age Replenish for women in their 50s, and Age Restore for women in their 60s.


The Age Defence Serum is a delicate serum that helps prevent the first signs of aging. It has vitamin C and white tea leaves. It’s designed to hydrate and smooth first lines and wrinkles. All Formula Skin Care products, including this one, are paraben free.


It’s a great product if you’re new to the world of serums and want to try one out. At £8.50 for 30ml, it’s really reasonably priced. I use it for my neck and chest as an alternative to an anti aging cream. The only reason I don’t use it on my face is that I use stronger products.

Overall it’s a nice little versatile product.


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Monday: Korres 24 Moisturising Cream Review


If you live in the UK… get SUPER


Just a quick post today. A friend of mine texted me yesterday to say that TK Maxx started carrying SUPER by Dr Nicholas Perricone. Dr Perricone is a legend in beauty circles. SUPER is his more affordable, younger range that’s based on ingredients derived from superfoods.

Yesterday, on my way back from Richmond park, I went into TK Maxx near Putney Bridge. They had a number of SUPER products with 60-80% discount. I got the Firming Activator treatment Prep with red algae astaxanthin which is a strong antioxidant. It was in the anti-aging trio which I reviewed here.

They had a number of other products from different ranges: moisturising mist, daily moisturiser with SPF, facial wash. It’s a great way to try these products without paying the full price. Or if you know and love them already: it’s a good way to stock up on some of your favourite products.



SUPER products are free from: parabens, silicones, pegs, propylene glycol, mineral oil, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, and animal by-products. Event the packaging is made with 80% post consumer recycled paper. It’s manufactured using recycled wood or fiber from well-managed forests and using wind power.

Joanna’s blissful giveaway 🙂


I’m so excited about this! Basically I thought I’d do a little giveaway because loads of you have been so sweet about my blog and I really appreciate it. I will be giving away a beauty box of products I love worth £40 and then two other winners will win a MAC lipstick of their choice.
The giveaway is open to anyone, it’s international, all you have to do is be a follower (wordpress follower or email follower) and either reblog this post or tweet it then add @JoannaHolly_ on the end so I will be able to see. Your name or blog name will then be written down on a bit of paper ready for me to pick a name out of a bowl in two weeks time – this will be filmed so you can see it’s at random 🙂

Good luuuuuck!

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I got nominated for the Libster Award!

I got nominated for the Libster Award!


Big thanks to mother/worker/chef/wife for nominating me for the Libster Award for up and coming bloggers! It made my day.

I started this blog less than 6 months ago and am really enjoying posting and commenting on other people’s blogs. It’s been a great experience so far: I got some great product recommendations from the wordpress community, I learned how to make overnight cocoa-berry oatmeal, and met really interesting people.

So here are the Libster Award rules:

  • Post 11 things about yourself.
  • Answer the questions that the tagger/nominator has posted for you.
  • Create 11 questions and choose (nominate) 11 up and coming blogs and link them in the post.
  • Go to their page and tell them.


11 things about me:

  1. I love jewellery, particularly silver jewellery. At the moment I’m obsessed with earrings. I just bought a stunning pair of ginkgo leaves (my favourite tree) silver earrings in Camden.
  2. I lived in 4 countries and 7 cities in the past 9 years.
  3. Photography is my passion. The fist photoshoot I did was in high school. I dressed a friend of mine in my mother’s wedding dress, did her makeup and took pictures. Her family loved the photos and often mentioned them, even when we were both at uni. I now have a photo web site.
  4. I did my friend’s wedding day makeup. I think I would have loved to be a makeup artist.
  5. I have seen every single episode of Scrubs more than 10 times. Even the 9th season. I also watched Spin City (still makes me laugh, amazing show) and Cougar Town (penny can!). I think Bill Lawrence is a great writer.
  6. I would love to meet Jon Steward, I’m such a fan!
  7. If I could, I would eat New York cheesecake every day.
  8. I like to listen to classical music when I’m working.
  9. I love learning new things, gaining new experiences and broadening my horizon. I think live if all about progress and improvement.
  10. I love travelling to the northern countries and Arctic regions. I love the northern landscape.
  11. I used to be scared of flying.

 Answer to mother/worker/chef/wife’s questions:

  1. What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever had? A sushi dinner at a fancy restaurant in Tokyo. Guy next to me ordered a live fish and ate it while it was still moving. I almost cried.
  2. What is your favourite time of the day? Night, between 10 pm and 3am.
  3. What’s the one thing you can’t live without? Internet. I get discomgoogolated. I’m definitely a product of the digital era.
  4.  What’s your “high” (best moment) for today? Getting my PhD
  5.  How do you relax and unwind? By going to the gym and by walking when the weather is nice. Retail therapy also works well : )
  6.  Where in the world would you go if you could go there for free? Back to Japan. I miss it so much. Also to one of the Poles, preferable the North. It’s on my bucket list. Plus if the guys from Top Gear can do it, so can I.
  7.  In relation to #6, who would you take with you? Someone adventurous who would keep laughing and making jokes even if we were lost at night, without food and soaking wet. I’m lucky to have friends like that.
  8.  Who is your favourite cartoon character? Garfield! : ). We have a lot in common: we love coffee and dislike mornings and spiders. We also both love lasagne
  9.  What makes you happy? Work. Achieving my goals. Feeling that I have accomplished something that I have been working for. Feeling proud of the work that I’ve done.
  10.  What song makes you want to sing it at the top of your lungs? The Bonnie Banks o’ Loch Lomond, a traditional Scottish song and an unofficial anthem of Scotland. I love that song! I lived in Scotland for 4 years and I still think of it as my home. I saw Loch Lomond for the first time two days after moving to Edinburgh and standing on its banks I made a wish to always return to Scotland. I still go back whenever I can and plan to one day retire there. You can listen to the song here. I defy you not to at least hum : ).
  11.  Why did you start a blog? In early August 2012 I went to a BBQ in east London. I met a girl who works at L’Oreal (marketing department). We talked for hours about beauty and makeup. I was very surprised and flattered when she said that I have a great knowledge of beauty related issues and I realised that I’m really passionate about it.

 My 11 nominations are (in no particular order) . You girls are great:

  1. http://littlesweetandsour.wordpress.com/ An Australian teenager who blogs about random stuff but her posts are always colourful and sweet
  2. http://powderandpatchouli.com/ A great new beauty blog. You can see that the girl behind it puts a lot of work and thought into it.
  3. http://www.inthefrow.com/ Very pink beauty and fashion blog with daily posts. Great pics and reviews.
  4. http://zibabynature.wordpress.com/ A fantastic blog about all natural beauty products. Very in-depth reviews. I learned a lot from this blog.
  5. http://littlestbuzz.wordpress.com/ Another cute new beauty blog. I really like the fact that she photographs everything herself and swatches all makeup products.
  6. http://lottevdmark.wordpress.com/ – New nail art, art and DIY blog from the Netherlands. Apart from being from an awesome country this girl is really talented and has some cool ideas.
  7. http://allynorm.wordpress.com/ A very new nail blog. But the first couple of post are of very high quality so I think it’s going to be a great blog.
  8. http://wickednails.wordpress.com/ A well established nail blog with a super cute tag line. Great photos, great polishes, great blog.
  9. http://mirifiquebeauty.wordpress.com/ A super cool well established blog, with great reviews, a lot of humour and an awesome background photo, which by itself is enough reason to check it out J.
  10. http://beautyadoration.wordpress.com/ Another well established blog with all round fantastic reviews and pics. Amazing nail art and lots of different topics.
  11. http://catalinacan.wordpress.com/category/beauty/ A fellow UK blogger that blogs about beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Her posts are short and punchy. And always very informative. I love the fact that she always includes links and prices.

Congratulations guys and please answer 11 questions below:

  1. What makes a good blog post according to you?
  2. Blogging or vlogging? Would you consider starting a youtube channel?
  3. What’s your dream luxury beauty product: a product that you’d love to have but is just way to expensive?
  4. What’s the one thing in your beauty routine you still haven’t mastered?
  5. Where do you buy your beauty products? In store or online?
  6. What is your signature perfume scent?
  7. Do you have a favourite makeup/skincare brand?
  8. China Glaze/ OPI/ Essie / Orly/ Wet n Wild …? What is your favourite nail polish brand?
  9. What song always puts a smile on your face?
  10. What’s your typical Saturday morning like?
  11. Who’s your favourite beauty youtuber?

Avon Super Shock Max Mascara: Great Alternative to High-end Brands

Avon Supershock Mascara

Avon Super Shock Max: before and after

Avon Supershock Max

Mascaras… a good one can make a huge difference. A bad one smudges and glues your eyelashes together giving you the dreaded ‘spider legs’ look. It’s my biggest pet peeve when it comes to make up.

I have to say I’m very picky when it comes to mascaras. I like the ones that separate eyelashes and lengthen them without clumping. My lashes are really long and thick so I don’t need too much extra volume. Clinique High Impact mascara is one of my favourite. From the drugstore brands I really like the L’Oreal Telescopic (the original one not the Telescopic False Lash Effect one).

Most experts suggest that you should throw away mascara after 4 months. This is due to the oxygen that gets inside each time you take out the wand. I also heard that you should throw it away when it stops making a popping sound when you open it. So I prefer not to spend too much on mascara.

I tried five Avon mascaras and really liked the Super Shock and the Super Shock Max. I got the Supers Shock Max which is the waterproof version of Super Shock and has a slightly different wand.


No mascara


Avon Supershock Max


No mascara


Avon Supershock Max

I really like it because it defines the lashes and separates them nicely. The brush is way too big for my taste and it can be a bit tricky to use, especially in the corners. However, the non-waterproof one is much better. Still, the final effect is good and comparable to L’Oreal or Clinique mascaras.


Avon Supershock Max wand

Best thing about this mascara? It’s price.

While L’Oreal mascaras retails at £10 on average and Clinique High Impact at £16 and, you can buy Avon mascaras for £4. Not too bad. I found contacting an Avon consultant in the UK a bit complicated but once you found one ordering products is nice and easy. You can also buy it online but you have to pay £3.50 delivery charge on all orders below £20.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm vs EOS Lip Balm


It’s a battle of titans! Both of these products have a cult following. These are by far the two most popular lip balms out there. It seems like almost every blogger or youtuber has raved about one of these products. While Nuxe is slightly more popular in Europe, EOS lip balms are a hit in the US. This is probably because Nuxe is a French company while EOS is an American brand. Additionally, up until not so long ago EOS lip balms were difficult to get in the UK.

 EOS Lip Balms

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth. To be honest, I wanted to get an EOS lip balm ever since I heard the famous sentence: ‘EOS lip balms look a bit like…’. If you watch Ingrid, or missglamorazzi on youtube you know what I’m talking about ;). If anyone out there knows what the end of this sentence is please do let me know.

EOS lip balms are free from gluten, parabens, petrolatum and phthalate. They are 95% organic, 100% natural. I got the lime green one in Honeysuckle Honeydew. I’m not happy with this flavour as it smells more of cucumber than of honey. So I will be repurchasing this product in a different flavour. But other than that this is an excellent lip balm!

EOS lip balm works really well in terms of nourishing and moisturising. It might just be the best lip balm I have ever tired. It moisturises my lips for hours.  

One thing I really like about EOS lip balms is the packaging. On their web page EOS wrote ‘can a lip balm make you smile? We think so’. And it kind of does. It’s just so convenient. Lip balms are not rocket science so they’re generally easy to use but I feel like EOS has put a lot of thought into designing this product.



NUXE Lip Balm

Nuxe Reve de Miel (which means dream of honey) lip balm is a hero product for many European youtubers and bloggers. NUXE is a fantastic French brand. I can’t recommend it enough. NUXE claims that they sell a Reve de Miel every 28 seconds throughout the world and that it tested the product formula in extremely cold conditions in Canada. It contains honey, plant oils, shea butter, and grapefruit essence. It smells of honey (clue is in the name) and feels really nice on the lips. It’s nourishing and helps to prevent chapping.

I have used this product for 9 months now. I really like it although not a big fan of the packaging. As it’s in a pot I only apply it when I’m at home. It’s not a product I would carry with me in a handbag although I know some people do. It works well for me as I use the Korres tinted lip butters during the day (review here).



You can see that the product is a bit ‘chunky’


Both products are really excellent. They are top of the range lip balms and you can’t go wrong with either one. They are both natural and paraben free. Nuxe lip balm costs about £9 and lasts a really long time. In the UK, you can get EOS lip balms from Naturisimo (here) for £5.99 with free delivery (couple of other online shops have them but you need to pay a delivery charge).

I like the EOS lip balms better for a couple of reasons:

1) The packaging is better and they are easier to carry around and apply on the go

2) The Nuxe lip balm can be a bit flaky or chunky sometimes. I find that it doesn’t go on so smoothly and every now and then there are chunks of product left on my lips

3) I find it works better under lipsticks or tinted lip butters.


If you haven’t tried EOS lip balms yet I strongly recommend them.

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