How to Lose Weight Without Going on a Diet: Part 3.

Here is Part 3 of the ‘How to Lose Weight Without Going on a Diet’ post. Basically this is just a quick note to share some things I’ve learned from my personal trainer regarding what to eat when you’re training and trying to lose weight.

I’m against diets. Mainly because they are unrealistic. It’s a good way to cleanse your body for a short period of time but you won’t lose 10kg on a diet without seriously starving yourself. No diet will help you permanently lose weight. As soon as you return to your normal habits the weight you lost while on a diet will come back. Probably even more, as you will be lured into false sense of safety knowing that you lost some weight. So instead of going on a diet I would recommend changing your eating habits in a way that is sustainable in the long term.

I should probably mention that I already don’t eat and drink a lot of fattening foods: fizzy drinks, sweet drinks, chips, crisps, take aways, ready meals, processed foods, beer, pasta, bread, rice, sweets etc. I generally stay away from carbs (apart from vegetables), sugars (I eat only those of natural origin – agave nectar, honey, fruits) and dairy (soya milk, yogurts and butter). So I already eat quite well. Yet, even without any of the above foods it is still difficult for me to lose weight without exercising.

There are couple of things you can do in terms of your diet while you’re training.

1)      When I went for my first personal training session and described what I eat throughout the day I was told I’m starving myself which is causing my metabolism to slow down. Eat more often than 3 times per day. That’s a bit obvious but my personal trainer explained that in the UK there is this habit of eating in the morning, than at lunchtime at 12.30 and then after you come back home around 6 or 7. People train their bodies to eat at these times for years. At my work I’m the only person that snacks between 13 when lunch finishes and 6 when we leave. It’s important to eat less but more often. This is to prevent your stomach from contracting when you’re hungry and to prevent your blood sugar levels from dropping. It also speeds up your metabolism. I’m not saying that you can lose weight just be eating more often! What I mean is that when you train you don’t want to also go hungry. When your body is hungry and doesn’t know when the next meal is coming it stores more of the food you consume as fat. I always thought that not eating after 7pm is good for you. But my personal trainer said that leaving your body for over 12h without any food is not a good idea.

2)      Think of distributing your meals so that you eat the majority of your food in the morning and early afternoon. This will give you more energy in the mornings and will help you get a good start to your day.

3)      Try to avoid any carbs after 6. Eat vegetables and proteins after 6pm.

4)      Try to avoid bread. Even the healthy dark, wheat-free bread is hard to burn according to my personal trainer. So are oats and oatmeal. As much as I agree with the advice on bread I’m not sure about oats. So for breakfast my trainer recommends having a vegetable omelette.

5)      Eat enough protein. This was the second serious mistake when I first started to train. I was trying to lose weight so I wasn’t eating much and when I was it was mainly vegetables.

6)      Fat is not the problem. Lots of people try to avoid fat when trying to lose weight. That’s not necessarily a good idea. Low fat diet is not the way to lose weight. The fat in milk and yogurt is a great source of energy and can help you lose weight. “Eating less fat means you have to eat more protein or carbs and most people end up eating more carbs (and the wrong type!) Dietary fat is very slow burning in the body so when you replace the fat with faster burning carbs you tend to feel less energetic, risk burning muscle tissue, and wreak havoc on your metabolism and hormones because your energy levels (blood sugar) are like a roller coaster.” (more here). So you kind of need to eat fat to burn fat. Instead of cutting out fat from your diet, cut out sugar.

7)      Another obvious tip – drink a LOT of water. Water washes toxins from your body.

I saw an interesting programme on BBC knowledge some time ago. It said that if you don’t eat breakfast your body produces a hormone called ghrelin. It causes you to crave high calorie foods. They did an experiment whereby a guy was shown photos of high calorie and low calorie foods and measured how his brain reacts. When he had breakfast his brain was craving low calorie foods such as salads. However, when he didn’t have breakfast he was craving high calorie foods.

So this is the last post on this topic. I hope this was helpful to some of you.

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