BaByliss Big Hair Vs an Old School Brush and Hairdryer Method

Another belated post. But I have a good excuse – I was packing to go on holidays for a month! I’m now in my new holiday digs and will have more time to write.


I bought Big Hair after seeing a number of youtube and blog reviews. I had high hopes for this new BaByliss gadget (new to me, I believe this has been available for quite some time).

It’s a large round brush and a hairdryer in one. The novelty of this product is that the brush spins (both ways) and dries your hair at the same time. In theory this should help recreate a straight blow dry you get at a hair salon. You know, the one where the hairdresser uses a large brush and a hairdryer to style your hair and give it a nice shape. You can of course achieve the same results at home but I was hoping it’s going to take less time with a 2-in-1 product.

Big Hair has 3 heat settings (the brush only rotates on the 2 highest settings) and two buttons to control the direction in which the brush rotates. It doesn’t take long to learn how to use it.

Big Hair on the left. Round brush on the right

Big Hair on the left. Round brush on the right


BaByliss is worse than the brush + hairdryer method cause: 

1)    It’s not a very good hairdryer. It leaves my hair damp especially near the roots. I read that you should use Big Hair on partially dry hair. When I tried it ended up not doing much for my hair. It didn’t look styled. Just puffy and curly.  

2)    You’re supposed to use it on small sections of hair starting from the bottom layers. However, when you get to the upper layers, the rotating brush picks up the lower layers and messes them up. So it first smoothes the hair and then puffs them up. The final effect is similar to backcombing. Not at all the sleek straight look I was after.  

3)    It’s not easier to use than using a brush and a hairdryer. Because it doesn’t dry my hair as well as a hairdryer it actually takes longer.

4)    Because it curls the hair a bit more than a round brush the effect only lasts one day – the next morning my hair sticks out in all directions. With a brush I’m able to straighten my hair more.

Day 2. Big Hair on the left. Brush on the right.

Day 2. Big Hair on the left. Brush on the right.

BaByliss is better cause:

1)    When you take the time to do it right the finished look is really impressive. See the photos above.

Final Ruling

I was going to return this product. I think for everyday a brush+ hairdryer is quicker and more practical. Still, every now and again you need some wa wa woom. And this product does just that. So I kept it.

I got mine from John Lewis for £27 but the price has gone up over the last two weeks (here).


Coming up:

Monday: Made in Japan Week. Introducing Integrate

Friday: Made in Japan Week. Introducing Vise



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