Botanics Non-permanent Hair Dye Review

I’ve never dyed my hair. I used Lush henna once, and had a couple of really thin highlights put in twice. At the same time my hair got really dark over the past year. I recently had an interesting chat with a hairdresser. Apparently your hair colour changes all the time. Sun is an obvious factor. But according to him your hair can also change depending on where you live! If you live in an old house with old pipes the water you use to wash your hair will have different minerals and elements than if you live in a new house. This makes sense since my hair got really dark after I moved to my new flat which is a first new flat I had for a long time (as opposed to old Victorian houses).

I wanted to lighten my hair without having to colour my roots every 6 weeks. I thought a semi-permanent dye will do the trick.


I got Botanics Non-permanent Hair Dye in Baked Nutmeg. It looked a bit more natural than other semi-permanent dyes. The colour table on the box showed how my dark brown hair would look after. So far so good.


The instruction box said to do a patch test and a strand test. I also read a couple of reviews of this product online that said that it can turn your hair purple or give it a strong brassy undertone. So I didn’t want to risk

I’m so happy I did the strand test !!!

Despite the colour table on the package my hair actually turned darker! Very, very dark, mousy, lifeless brown. This might be obvious for some of you but it wasn’t for me: semi permanent dyes will not make your hair lighter, no matter what it says on the box.

Results: quite the opposite of what I wanted. Dark parts on both sides are dyed.

Results: quite the opposite of what I wanted. Dark parts on both sides are dyed.

Still, I can’t understand why it turned my hair so much darker. Obviously I didn’t use the product on the rest of my hair. I tried using the deep after-colour conditioner that came in the pack but it didn’t do much for my hair.


Final Ruling

This product didn’t work for me. I think it might be a good product for someone who, like me, is looking for a more natural dye but wants to go darker. It’s not an expensive product so it’s worth a try even if it doesn’t work. My main advice would be: ALWAYS do a strand test.

Product available in Boots for £4.07

Coming up:

Friday: Big Hair Review

Monday: Made in Japan. Eye Shadows Review


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    Dec 26, 2012 @ 22:04:50

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