This Works Sleep Balm Review

I’m a couple days late with this post.

I haven’t been sleeping well for a while and thought this little product might help. This Works is a nice, paraben-free, mid-range, natural brand. I noticed Sleep Balm Christmas ornament in one of London’s department stores. The packaging was so cute! They also had a Christmas cracker version (which is the one I got).


The product description is very cryptic. It’s supposed to calm your mind and promote good sleep. And that’s about it. It has lavender, monoi and coconut oils. It smells lovely of lavender. The smell is very soothing but doesn’t linger for long. This product doesn’t really help you sleep. It’s an aromatherapy balm and its benefits are limited. However it’s a nice nourishing balm. It works well on dry rough skin, eg. elbows, cuticles etc.


Before I bought this product a friend of mine picked it up for me at TkMaxx for £3.99. If I had paid full £12 for this product I would have been a bit disappointed. For £3.99 however, it’s a good purchase. It’s a nice multi-purpose balm. And I do love the smell. I just wish it helped me sleep.

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Friday: Big Hair Review


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