9 Concealers, 8+ Hours Challenge: Is Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection the Best Concealer Ever?

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection and Origins Quick, Hide Concealer Review Plus Many More.

I’d like to share the results of a little experiment I did over the past couple of weeks. I tested 9 concealers I currently have and compared how they look after 8h of wear. I assessed each concealer based on three factors:

1)       How easy it is to use. There are some concealers that give good results but take ages to apply. For example, some of the more watery ones take a couple of minutes to dry. I don’t have much time in the morning so I need something that I can apply quickly.

2)     How well it covers dark circles. You need to look for a concealer depending on the problem you face. My main problem is that I have dark violet under-eye circles. It’s not from the lack of sleep or allergies, it’s genetic. I woke up one day when I was 16 and there they were. So good coverage is something I look for in a concealer. Just how bad my dark circles get? See the photo below to see how I look after 9h of sleep.

3)       How well it stays on/ does it crease.  A good concealer doesn’t stray! There is nothing worse than a concealer that creases under your eyes and makes you look like you have much more wrinkles than you actually have. The whole point of a concealer is to make you look younger and brighten the under eye area.

Dark circles after 9h of sleep

The 9 concealers reviewed here are not the only ones I have tried. I buy or try a new concealer every month or two. The ones collected here are those that I currently have, i.e. the ones that worked well enough to keep (and one I kept especially for this post because it’s the worst concealer ever). I tried many other well known concealers, such as the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer or YSL Touche Eclat, and didn’t like them enough to keep them or repurchase them.

Tested concealers minus Quick, Hide by Origins

Test Results

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer (£14.50 9ml) 2/3

I used this one for a while. It’s a really good product. I am a fan of MAC Pro Longwear line. As it’s MAC this concealer comes in a wide selection of shades.

1)      The main problem with this concealer is application. The pump applicator on this is not good. Anyway you press it you always end up with more product than you need. You waste about 1/3 of the bottle. Also the product itself takes a while to apply. You need to work with it for a while to make it look nice and smooth. It also takes a little while to dry. It not too watery in consistency but definitely not creamy either.

2)      It has a very good coverage. I would say full coverage.

3)      It stays on very well. It’s not ideal but it is a good long-lasting concealer.

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

Mac Pro Longwear after 8h -Creases only a bit but looks a bit heavy

Mac Pro Longwear Concealer

MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer (£14.50 5ml) 2/3

It’s a nice and light concealer. It’s definitely a good option for someone who doesn’t have very dark circles.

1)      Applies easily. More creamy than MAC’s Pro Longwear concealer.

2)     Coverage is ok. It has skin-perfecting ingredients, so although the coverage is medium, the product brightens the under-eye area. Depending on the angle and lighting the dark circles can still be visible.

3)     It creases slightly after a couple of hours. As it is quite light and moisturising it doesn’t look that bad even when it creases. Still, with a medium coverage and creasing it’s not an ideal product.

Mac Moisturecover

MAC Moisturecover – Creases a bit plus doesn’t cover very well

Garnier Roll-on Anti- Dark Circles Concealer (~£10.20 15ml) 1/3

This product got amazing reviews when it first came out. However, it had a poor selection of shades. I believe only 2 or 3 shades.

1)    The idea of a roll-on concealer doesn’t really speak to me. I find I still need to tap it in as the roll-on doesn’t distribute the product evenly. This concealer is quite watery in consistency so you need wait for a while before it dries.

2)      It doesn’t have a very good coverage. In addition it doesn’t match my skin tone.

3)      It creases. It’s not the worst of the bunch but it’s in the bottom 3.

Garnier roll-on

Garnier roll-on – Bit too dark (the lightest shade) and doesn’t cover well

Clinique All About Eyes Concealer (£16 10ml) 1.5/3

I used this concealer for a couple of years. Mainly because this was the only concealer I took with me to Japan.

1)      It applies easily: straight from the tube. It’s quite hygienic too. It’s thick and creamy so it doesn’t take long to dry and set.

2)      It has good coverage. Full coverage and the shade matches my skin tone.

3)      It creases. It really does.

Clinique All About Eyes

Clinique All About Eyes after 8 h – Too dry, creases and looks really heavy

Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer (£15 8g) 0/3

If you take anything away from reading this post let it be this: stay away from this product! It’s supposed to minimise the look of lines and wrinkles and it does the opposite. I’ve never seen an equally bad concealer.

1)      Applies ok. It’s not too watery.

2)      Covers ok. It’s not full coverage but definitely medium.

3)      It creases! It makes you look like you’re 60 and a heavy smoker.

Clinique Line Smoothing

The worst concealer ever – Clinique Line Smoothing after 1h. Looks much worse than on this photo. It creases after 1h.

Bobbi Brown Corrector (£18 1.4g) 2/3

This is not a concealer but a corrector – it’s designed to work under a concealer. It has a warm tone (salmon colour) and doesn’t cover dark circles but neutralises the blue shades. I normally use it under any of the other 8. Particularly in the winter when I need more coverage.

1)      Applies really well. I prefer cream concealers.

2)      It doesn’t cover as it’s not designed to do so but it definitely brightens and also acts a bit like a primer.

3)      It wears well. I have an impression in makes concealers last longer.

Bobbi Brown Corector

Bobbi Brown Corector after 8h – Not bad but doesn’t cover dark circles (more visible in daylight)

Urban Decay 24/7 Concealer Pencil (£12 3.5g) 2/3

I love Urban Decay 24/7 eye liners. I thought I’d give this a try too.

1)      Applies really well. As with Bobbi Brown, I love a good cream concealer. Very easy to blend.

2)      Good coverage. Really covers my dark circles nicely.

3)     It’s not even that it creases as much as it just looks ‘heavy’.

Urban Decay 24/7

Urban Decay 24/7 after 8h – On the heavier side although it doesn’t crease.

Urban Decay 24/7

Urban Decay 24/7

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer (£4.99 3/3

This concealer has a cult following. It’s actually amazing. Even though it costs less that a fiver it’s one of the best in the market. I think if they ever discontinue it there will be a riot.

1)      It’s a thick liquid formula, almost gel-like. You tap it in and it’s done. Quick and easy.

2)      It has a really good coverage. It fully covers my dark circles. It’s also a buildable coverage so you can wear more on the days when your eyes look particularly bad.

3)     It stays on! This thing is bulletproof. I often go to the gym straight after work and this concealer doesn’t budge even after an intensive workout.

Collection 2000 Longlasting Perfection

Collection 2000 Longlasting Perfection after 8h – Smooth!

Collection 2000 Longlasting Perfection

Perfect after 8h

Collection 2000 Longlasting Perfection

Origins Quick, Hide Concealer (£14 7ml) 2.5/3

There have been many rumours about this one on the internet. Joliebox magazine said that it’s just like Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection only better. Obviously, I needed to try it. I’ve also heard people complain about a poor selection of shades and I can see what they mean. Shade no 2 works well for me but it is a bit on the pink side. It’s a good product, I must admit. I can see why so many people like it. But is it better than Collection 2000?

1)      It’s quite watery in consistency and as a result it takes a bit more work to apply than Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection.

2)      It’s much more sheer than Collection 2000. It doesn’t fully cover my dark circles. I need to really apply a couple of layers for it to work.

3)     It wears well. It doesn’t crease much. But it’s not as good a Collection 2000. It’s the second best product of the bunch but still not the same.

Orgins Quick, Hide

Orgins Quick, Hide after 8h – Creases a little and not a perfect coverage

Orgins Quick, Hide

Orgins Quick, Hide – You can see that it’s quite sheer.


Final Ruling

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection concealer is the best concealer I have ever tried. It’s no surprise that so many people love it and swear by it. It’s the only one that scores 3 out of 3. I would strongly recommend it even if you don’t live in the UK and need to pay for shipping or ask friends to send it to you.

I’m always on the lookout for a next best concealer. So if you think you know of another one that ticks all 3 boxes let me know

TIP: this is an obvious one but worth mentioning. For better results use a silicone-based eyelid primer. I use Urban Decay Primer Potion and together with Collection 2000 concealer it gives the most amazing and smooth look.

Coming up:

Next Monday: Mattifying skincare duo

Next Thursday: The best way to get rid of dark circles without makeup


24 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. nehalondon
    Nov 26, 2012 @ 22:59:52

    Hey – Came across your post on concealers. Have just pressed this on my blog as well! It is a very thorough and useful comparison – thank you for writing this


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  3. Dewey Safe
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 00:55:34

    Hello there, I do believe your blog may be having internet browser compatibility issues. When I look at your web site in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in Internet Explorer, it’s got some overlapping issues. I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Besides that, wonderful site!


  4. Hush, Charlotte
    Dec 02, 2012 @ 22:04:54

    What a fun experiment!


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  6. unfadedbeauty
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 13:49:17

    Great post! That’s me off to buy Collection 2000 one then.

    I use Urban Decay Primer too, I got a sample with the Naked 1 Palette (not right for women over 40 btw too shimmery) and bought the full size one, never thought of putting it under eyes though.


    • youngforgood
      Mar 02, 2013 @ 18:12:06

      I hope you will like Collection 2000 as much as I do! Please let me know how you get on. I’m quite curious to see if it works for other people too.

      I got the tip to use Urban Decay primer under a concealer from a friend. It works with any silicone-based primer. It’s surprising how much difference it makes. I use it every day now with my Collection 2000 concealer. The trick is not to put too much of the primer, about 1/3 of what you would use for your eyelids or less.


  7. Kareen
    Mar 01, 2013 @ 20:12:12

    Quite a rigorous experiment you carried out here. Thanks for this! 😀 I too am always looking for the best concealer because I have terrible under eye circles (which was why I really liked your post on the K2 vitamin). I haven’t heard of Collection 2000 but I will look for it.


    • youngforgood
      Mar 02, 2013 @ 18:18:43

      Unfortunately I think Collection 2000 is a British brand. Not sure if you can get it in France. If I ever move away from the UK I will need to buy like 20 packages to last me for years :D. I love this stuff, especially in combination with Urban Decay primer. But to be honest I’m starting to think that there is nothing anyone can do to fully cover their dark circles and we just have to accept them as one of those things that make us beautiful 😀


  8. abbymayxoxo
    Apr 13, 2013 @ 09:52:15

    This post is great! Really informative and well presented! Love it!


  9. abbymayxoxo
    Apr 13, 2013 @ 09:53:02

    Reblogged this on becauseiwenttosydney and commented:
    This article is fabulous- very well written and inspiring


  10. aliolive
    Apr 25, 2013 @ 21:14:51

    Collection 2000 concealer is my absolute favourite!!


  11. ramblingsfromalipstickaddict
    Apr 29, 2013 @ 14:38:23

    I really enjoyed this post. Great work! Very interesting and concealers are something I have not played around with enough so I really needed this. Lol


  12. barnetsandblusher
    May 01, 2013 @ 21:47:51

    Reblogged this on barnetsandblusher and commented:
    Thr hunt for the perfect concealer continues…


  13. Sarah
    May 04, 2013 @ 10:40:47

    Great review! I suffer from bad bags under my eyes also and have been desperate trying every product under the sun to conceal them! I will definitely pick up collection 2000 concealer now after your review; what shade did find was brilliant under your eyes??


  14. Mattie
    Aug 23, 2013 @ 23:13:11

    Great review! Really useful! Since I have similar skin tone and my dark circles are purple too, I was wondering in what shade do you have the collection 2000 concealer? And the MAC Pro Longwear Concealer?


    • youngforgood
      Aug 23, 2013 @ 23:38:00

      Hi, thanks a lot! I use shade Collection 2000 in shade 2 and MAC Pro Longwear in NC15. But if you have dark circles I have a new favourite that’s just absolutely amazing. I will be posting about it this week or next week. I don’t use Collection 2000 anymore as this new product is so much better :D.


  15. amy
    Sep 26, 2013 @ 17:49:49

    Hi i cant find your new post you say you were going to do about a better concealer than collection 2000?Could you let us know which one it is please? thank you 🙂


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