China Glaze Make a Spectacle

China Glaze Halloween 2012 Wicked collection is out!

Actually, it’s been out since September but I only managed to get my hands on it in October. Halloween, or rather Samhain, is my absolutely favourite holiday of the year and I love when brands release Halloween-themed collections. Plus China Glaze nail polishes are my favourite polishes. They are simply amazing. As this is an American company their collections arrive in the UK with some delays and are not widely available. For that reason I usually only pick one or two items from each collection.

This time I picked Make a Spectacle. It’s one of China Glaze amazing glitters and it’s just perfect. I’ve been waiting for one like this for a while. China Glaze does glitters like no one else. Make a Spectacle has a clear base, tiny bits of holographic white-silver glitter, and large hexagonal chunks of glitter. While the majority of holographic glitter nail polishes are multicoloured this one has a snow-white silver tone to it. Under artificial light however it has warm golden reflections. Multicoloured glitter can look very nice but personally I’m not a big fan. Particularly for everyday wear and for work I prefer something more elegant, understated and professional. Make a Spectacle give a polished shiny finish without looking like you just came back from a disco or like you allowed your ten years old niece to do your nails with her favourite polish ;). Which is why I really hoped they will come out with something like this for a while.

China Glaze has released a number of polishes with a clear base and holographic glitter but none of that resembles Make a Spectacle. Snow Globe was a mid-size hexagonal glitter with rainbow coloured reflections. Luxe and Lush was similar but the glitter had irregular shape and was much larger. Fairy Dust had tiny bits of silver glitter. Techno is probably closest to Make a Spectacle: it also has both micro and large hexagonal bits of glitter. Still it is a multicoloured glitter and has more of a silvery tone to it.

I really love the effect this polish gives. Photos hardly do it justice. Here it is: two coats with a clear top coat.

China Glaze Make a Spectacle

China Glaze Make a Spectacle

China Glaze Make a Spectacle

China Glaze Make a Spectacle

China Glaze Make a Spectacle

China Glaze Make a Spectacle

China Glaze Make a Spectacle


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