She Said Beauty

 The best beauty box so far?

I love subscription beauty boxes! I think it’s a fantastic idea and a great way to discover new products and brands. I love the feeling you get when you come home after a long day and see a brand new box. You get this rush of excitement when you open it up to see what amazing new products it contains.

So much has been said on subscription boxes that I wasn’t planning to add my own opinion to the mix. But I discovered this box and thought I’d write about it as I haven’t seen many reviews of this particular box and I’m absolutely in love with it. For some reason it’s not really well known.

I subscribed to Glossybox and Joliebox last winter. I got annoyed with Glossybox and cancelled in June. Despite claiming that they offer tailored products I kept getting boxes full of things I couldn’t use: e.g. eyeshadows for blondes when I’m a brunette, shampoos for thin hair when mine are thik etc. I’m still subscribed to Joliebox and have gone to a couple of their events. I like the fact that they sometimes have French brands and natural products. Still, the last two boxes were really disappointing! With DIY hair accessories and cheap soap… If the next one if equally uninspiring I will definitely unsubscribe. Last month I subscribed to Amarya and She Said Beauty. While I’m still waiting for my first Amarya box, She Said Beauty blew me away.

The box

It has a pretty turquoise colour with a delicate floral motif and discrete logo. It’s perfect for what all my empty subscription boxes end up as – gift packaging. It’s elegant although perhaps doesn’t have the same luxury feel as Glossybox. It’s also quite unique as it has a fold back lid. I quite like that.

She Said Beauty Box

She Said Beauty Box


Now this is where this box really stands out for me!

It had 7 samples of 6 different products which is more than any other box. In my opinion, this is exactly what a beauty box should be – a box of samples. There is this strange trend whereby subscription boxes strive to include a full size product. Perhaps this somehow makes people feel like they got good value for their money. But the full size products are usually of very poor quality. Joliebox bragged about having two full-sized products in their August box. Glossybox had a full-size eyeshadow palette that looked like something you would purchase when you were 5 and this was your first play-makeup item. It went straight to the garbage bin. The shadows were really sheer, powdery and not pigmented.  It was impossible to use them. The packaging was appalling. It definitely made me feel like I wasted my money. I much rather have several samples of different products. That way there is more of a chance you’ll discover something that’s right for you.

She Said Beauty inside



She Said Beauty Products


Herbacin, Wuta Kamille Glycerine Handcream: A really lovely handcream. Smells great. I won’t be buying it as it contains parabens but I enjoy using it for now. Perfect size for a handbag.

Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque: Used it all up. Nice and worked well.

B.liv Off With Those Heads: Gel for blackheads and whiteheads. Have not tried it yet.

Biao Beauty Rejuvenating Night Crème: Really nice but unfortunately I don’t think you can purchase this in the UK.

KeraStraight Moisture and Protein Masks: Oh my god! This thing is amazing and I will definitely buy the full size.

Myvitiamins Total Acai Berry: Perfect for a health freak like me. Just what I needed for autumn.

What I really liked was the variety of products. If you have been subscribed to different beauty boxes for a while the chances are you have tones of lip balms and generic facial moisturisers and shampoos. I loved that She Said Beauty sent me a food supplement in their box! I loved that they had facial products, body and haircare items. I also liked the fact that the samples were from brands I didn’t know. Beauty boxes for me are all about discoveries.

The box is available form She Said Beauty web site (here). It’s £ 9 plus £ 2.95 p&p. You can cancel your subscription at any time. I really liked this box and am very happy to have discovered a new excellent service. I’m very excited to see what they have next month. I would highly recommend this box to anyone who is in the market for a new beauty subscription.


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